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F.A.Q. Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who are these book written for?

A: These books are written for both beginning and experienced landmen. The information provided is often information that even professional landmen may not have experience with.

Q: Why should I buy these books?

A: It is the tiny details in the landman industry that can cost you. These books combine years of experience from seasoned land professionals that can help the reader understand the workings of the industry and avoid problem areas that can be devistating.

Q: Where can I buy these books?

A: Right now, these books are only available through our website, mail. or through our partner Petroleum Landman School during their classes and on their website.

Q: How much are the books?

A: "The Complete Oil and Gas Lease Agent Guide" is $89.95 for a limited time ($150 value). The other books in the series will be initially offered around the same price.

Q: How much is shipping and handling costs?

A: Currently we are only offering shipping through the US Postal Service at $9.95 per book. If you want to order multiple books please contact us for shipping options and costs.