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The Institute of Energy Development's groundbreaking oil and gas landman series. "Every landman in the oil and gas industry needs these books." ~ Jacque Pearsall, Esq Oil and Gas Attorney and former HR Director for major oil and gas companies with over 30 years in the industry - ORDER TODAY!
The Complete Oil and Lease Agent Guide

The first in the dynamic oil and gas landman series. This guide covers vital details every landman should know.



Held By Production (HBP) Made Easy

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While each book can be purchased separately and is written in a way to be a thorough compilation of vitally important information applicable specifically to the skill set its titled, the field landman’s ability to accel in performing all of the this research work is dramatically enhanced if the set is purchased together and used a ‘cross-reference’ resource.  ‘In the know’ landmen fully understand the importance and relevance of each subject’s relationship to the other, which is why we have selected these particular subjects to be released together.   You will find that are intended to be extremely useful “as a text” and save much research “as a reference”. 

Two Way to Calculate Working Interest and Net Revenue Interest

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Accurately Performing Due Diligence

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