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The Complete Oil and Gas Lease Agent Guide

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The Complete Oil and Gas Lease Agent Guide

The first book in the dynamic OIL AND GAS LANDMAN SERIES. In the oil and gas industry the tiny details can make or break you. This 150 page book covers vital information that every landman needs to be successful. From a basic understanding to complex executed leases this book demonstrates the important aspects of the oil and gas lease and the agent's responsibilites.

Why This Book

As a ‘lease agent’ you should know how the smallest of word changes in a lease could affect you, the Lessee, and the Lessor and change the entire meaning of the lease.  The “Complete Oil and Gas Lease Agent Guide” deals with just some of the following questions and other critical issues that will “make or break” a lease and you as a lease agent. 

Do you know, for example?

What wording in the lease could cause the Lessor the inability to lease minerals, which are subject to a depth clause (that are in effect and the lease is past the ‘primary term’) when the lease has a ‘pooling’ clause?

Can you explain what type of lease, if any, may prevent “termination” or “forfeiture” of it from happening even if: 1) the well is producing but the royalties have not been paid in several years, or 2) in the case of a shut-in ‘gas’ well, the shut-in royalty payments have not been paid in several years (or do you think that this is even possible)?

Do you have a complete lease “check list”?

When do the words ‘more or less’ in the legal description make it inaccurate?

How can inserting the term ‘market value’ in the royalty clause place your client at risk?


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While each book can be purchased separately and is written in a way to be a thorough compilation of vitally important information applicable specifically to the skill set its titled, the field landman’s ability to accel in performing all of the this research work is dramatically enhanced if the set is purchased together and used a ‘cross-reference’ resource.  ‘In the know’ landmen fully understand the importance and relevance of each subject’s relationship to the other, which is why we have selected these particular subjects to be released together.   You will find that are intended to be extremely useful “as a text” and save much researched “as a reference”.